Natural Groundnut Oil - 500ml Bottle

Natural Groundnut Oil - 500ml Bottle

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 Natural Groundnut Oil

Groundnut is also known as goober, pinder, peanut, earthnut and ground pea. Groundnut oil is natural sweet and nutty flavored edible oil. Groundnut oil is extracted from cold pressing sun dried groundnut kernels. In addition to extracting the oil, groundnuts are also eaten raw or roasted, and used in cooking and bakery as well.

Benefits of Natural Groundnut Oil :

  • Helps to Prevent Cancer
  • Reduces Risk of Heart Disease
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Helps to Control Blood Pressure
  • Helps to improve Good Cholesterol (HDL) Levels
  • Contains Vitamin 'E' and "Omega 6" will include healthy skin

Since the boiling point of this oil is at very high temperature hence the oil can be used for deep frying foods and absorption of the oil is much less, making the overall oil consumption much lesser as compared to other oils.

Another unique property of groundnut oil is its ability to retain its nutrition value at high boiling temperatures which makes the oil suitable to be used again for frying.

How can Groundnut oil be used?

  • Can be used in everyday cooking for stir frying and deep frying